Insurance Solutions For Lenders

Experience the best of both worlds: Harness the power of our cutting-edge automations for speed and accuracy, while increasing borrower satisfaction and loyalty.

Your Partner in Risk Management

Cut through the complexity. Embrace instant quotes, customizable coverage, and a user friendly journey for all with Obie's automated solution.

Experience the "no surprises" approach to insurance

Our platform instantly generates bindable quotes, ensuring they meet your requirements – from mortgagee clause to general liability and beyond. Customize your requirements by loan and dwelling type, for full control and confidence in every policy.

No more waiting games

Streamlined communication by minimizing paperwork and data entry; a frictionless experience for you and your borrowers.

Keep it simple

Obie provides a seamless integration with your existing systems, no IT headaches, no disruptive changes.

Empower borrowers, elevate loyalty

Deliver a superior borrower experience by enabling them to obtain a compliant policy in time for closing.

Case Study

Discover how lender Kiavi unlocked $130 million in value through collaboration with Obie.

Kiavi Case Study

Download and read the case study.


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