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Trees, Shrubs, Plants, Lawns

Trees, Shrubs, Plants, Lawns

Homeowners insurance policies typically cover the cost to replace trees, shrubs, and plants due to certain perils, such as fire, lightning, vandalism, theft, or civil commotion.

A deductible may have to be paid before coverage begins.

What is not covered under a homeowners’ policy for landscaping?

A homeowners policy might not cover damage to landscaping due to weather—such as wind, hail or snow—floods, or by pests or disease. It also will not cover landscaping in a location other than your residence, such as a shared community garden.

Will landscaping coverage in a homeowners’ policy cover a fallen tree?

Homeowners insurance may cover some of the costs to fix your home or another structure if a fallen tree damages it. However, it may not cover the cost to replace the tree. Also, the policy might not cover property damage if a tree fell due to rot or the owner’s lack of maintenance. Damage to your property due to someone else’s rotting tree may be covered.

Landscaping coverage also may pay for a tree or debris removal if caused by a covered peril.

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