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Pools, Tennis Courts, Playgrounds, Recreational Equipment

Pools, Tennis Courts, Playgrounds, Recreational Equipment

Property owners, including co-op and condominium building owners, should insure pools and other recreational equipment.  Property and liability insurance cover these amenities.

Amenities that are fixed or part of the property should be insured under property insurance. Liability insurance is necessary when there is an increased chance of an accident associated with that amenity.

Property insurance provides replacement costs due to covered perils. Liability insurance will cover bodily injury or property damage claims made by a third party, such as breaking a wrist after slipping and falling on the pool deck or spraining an ankle on a trampoline.

What is not covered under pools and recreational equipment insurance?

Check your insurance policy to see if pools and other outdoor recreational equipment are covered. Note that property damage, such as tree roots damaging an in-ground pool, sometimes is not included in a policy. Bodily injuries, sickness, disease, or death caused by using the pool or outdoor equipment also may not be covered.

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