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Pollution Cleanup and Removal

Pollution Cleanup and Removal

The cleanup of potential pollution from property damaged due to an insured peril is not always calculated as part of the value of the damaged property.

What are considered pollutants?

Pollutants will be defined in the policy and may include vapor, soot, fumes, acids, chemicals, alkalis, and waste. For instance, this could include oil or chemicals leaking from a storage tank.

Is the cost to cover pollutants included in property insurance?

Covering the cost to remove pollutants or remove, restore, and replace pollutants from land or water due to a covered peril may require a separate policy.

Removing pollutants can be expensive so you should make sure the coverage limit suits your needs. This might require asking an insurer to increase the limit.

Third-party claims, including injuries to other people or damage to their property, and workers’ compensation claims also could derive from pollutants, so consider seeking insurance that also covers those claims.

Pollution coverage may be available from specialty pollution insurers. 

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