The future of insurance is embedded.
Here’s how we enable it.

future of insurance
is embedded.
Here’s how we enable it.

We make it simple for you to integrate insurance into your product offering or consumer funnel.

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Obie makes it incredibly easy to manage your insurance, commercial property portfolio, and your risk in one place. Let us save you time and money that would otherwise be wasted through inefficient and outdated practices.

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Select Your Coverage

Select from a variety of relevant personal insurance products.

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Choose Added Benefits

Add world class benefits to complement your insurance product.

Smartphone displaying Obie webpageSmartphone displaying Obie webpageWater & Sewer Backup - Covers damage from this that comes into your home through pipes, drains, septic tanks, eaves troughs, or down spouts. Featuring faucet with a green check mark
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Seamless API Integration

Easily embed insurance into your product with our API’s.

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Our APIs bridge the gap between insurers and your business

All of our products are designed to be delivered 100% digitally.

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CLient Testimonials

Real reviews from our trusted clients and partners.

Lucas Miller

Bannock Capital

"It was a fantastic experience to give them a call and get an accurate insurance quote. We knew we were going to get quality service with Obie."

Thomas Kudele

Kudele Capital Group

"We really appreciate the hand-holding, the personal care, the due diligence and the teamwork they provide which makes it so easy for us to do deals. I don't know how we would do it without them."